Computer Repair: Replacing a Hard Drive

By Jessica Eischens

A Simple Computer Repair

Is your hard drive dead? Do you need more storage space for your computer? Well, you're going to need to replace your hard drive. You may think that changing a hard drive is a hard task, one that you couldn't do on your own. In reality all you need is a screwdriver and an OS disk.

The Process

To begin, back up any information from your old hard drive that you want to hold on to. You can transfer it to an external drive, put it on a usb, or burn it to a cd or dvd. But, if your drive no longer functions this will not be possible, but if you contact a computer repair specialist there is a chance that they will be able to recover information from your drive.

Once you are done transferring your data you will need to turn off your computer and remove the power cable. After you have done this you can remove the case from your computer and find the hard drive. When you have located the it begin removing any screws that hold the drive in place. Be sure to discharge any static electricity you may have built up before reaching into your computer. A static shock may cause damage to your computer. Before you can remove the drive you will need to unplug the cables connecting it to your motherboard.

Some desktop computers have drive bays that are 5-1/4 inches wide. But, most drives today are only 3-1/2 inches wide. If you have 5-1/4 inch drive bays, be sure that the new drive you purchase comes with a 5-1/4 inch carrier - a metal frame into which the 3-1/2 inch drive can be secured. If your current drive is 3-1/2 inches wide, it may be in a carrier that you can reuse.

After you have secured your hard drive into the carrier, plug the cables into your new drive. If the cables do not fit your replacement drive should come with cables you can use. You simply have to remove the old cables from the motherboard and plug in the new ones. Now it's time to return the hard drive to it's original place inside your computer. Now secure the drive with all of the screws you took out. You can then replace the cover and plug your computer back in.

All you need to do now is power up your system, install your Operating System, and transfer any data that you backed up from your old drive. There you go, you have a new hard drive. A simple installation that you can do by yourself. But there are always computer repair specialists who will take care of it for you.

Jessica Eischens is the owner of Computer Wrangler. Her company specializes in computers and computer repair and has been helping businesses in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas stay up and running for over ten years.

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