Blue Screen Of Death In Safe Mode - How To Fix the Windows Blue Screen Error Yourself

By James Randell

If your computer is crashing to a blue screen commonly known as the blue screen of death it is bad enough, but if it starts doing this in safe mode you have got real problems and unless you know what to do you may end up having to reinstall windows or take your computer to a technician, who will probably advise you to reinstall windows to save time, but you will lose everything on your computer.

If your computer is crashing in safe mode there are several likely issues for it. It is not driver related because windows only loads the minimum drivers to run when in safe mode. This leaves two things.

#1 Malware or a virus is on your computer and has corrupted files.

# 2 There is serious registry and file corruption preventing your computer from running in normal mode or in safe mode.

How can you fix the blue screen of death in safe mode error?

You should try restarting your computer in safe mode several times. Eventually it will go into safe mode and then you should do the following. Do not switch your PC off. If it has serious errors it may fail to start windows again. Keep restarting and press f8 until you get the menu for safe mode.

#1 Start event viewer and look for any system errors to do this go to the windows. To do this go to e windows start on the task bat then to run and type in eventvwr.exe and press enter. Once event viewer opens click on the system tab in the left pane and then in the right pane look for any errors. If you see any disk errors at all you need to check your c: drive. To do this go to start, then run and type in chkdsk /f and press y when it asks if you want to run this when your PC restarts.

#2 If you have done the above step and there are no errors the next thing to do is to run a system restore to a date before this error occurred. To do this go back o the windows start button then to run and type in CMD and press enter. Once the command prompt box opens make sure it says c: in there and nothing else. If there is anything else after the c: type in "CD:\ " without the quotes.

Next type in the following or copy and paste it from here. "windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe' without the quotes and then press enter.

This will start system restore for you. In many cases trying to run it from the start menu will fail and this is why you need to do it this way. Once you have the system restore box open, click on restore from an earlier date and choose a date from before your system started crashing. Once it has finished restart your computer.

#3 If you find your computer is still crashing after this you will need to scan it for malware. To do this go back into safe mode with networking. Once in there download a system scanner and then scan your computer. If there is any running malware on it this will stop it and will also fix any file and system errors it finds.

If you find you have the blue screen of death in safe mode follow these steps to fix it now and get your computer running normally again.

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