Realistic Computer Repair Goals

By Kevin Germain

It seems like the flu hits all the time. The same is true with computer viruses. Even though we get a yearly flu shot someone in our family always ends up laid up in bed with the flu. The same is true with our computer. I add the latest and greatest anti-virus software and bam weeks later I am looking at kitchen cupboards online and I get a virus. It is a never ending cycle. I am either paying to remove a virus from my computer or my kids. It never slows down. I am naïve and think because I have protected my computer with this antivirus software that I am safe from the evil lurking amongst the web and that is just not true.

So now I seek out computer repair. Just as I would look for a new doctor I carefully peruse the internet, ask friends and even look in the phone book for one to come to me. It is important that the computer be repaired by a technician that can speak to me in terms that I can comprehend. I want details on the virus. I want to know what site infected the computer, how much damage was done to it and if I should concerned about any personal data being lifted by the virus. I also need to know that while my computer is in the shop that it is safe. It is important that the computer repair shop be reputable because so much personal information in kept amongst the files of that computer.

The first place I turn to is my family. Each one of them has a personal story about a shop they didn't have a positive experience with but no one was thrilled about any of the places they had been. Many technicians know what they are talking about but have a hard time understanding that I too would like to know what they are talking about. The technicians are knowledgeable and can always fix the problem but like when I go to the doctor I like to also know what is going on.

The next place I looked was the web. Of course there I found many different computer stores but one stood out in particular. There site was clean, organized and written for the average person to understand. When I called I expected to get some nut on the phone but then again was surprised. The technician stated all the possibilities with an infected computer and we then talked about all of the possible computer repairs that might be needed if the virus did not simply want to go away. It was refreshing. I went in the next day and had my computer two days later feeling much better.

Computer repair shops are valuable to all of us as technology continues to consume our lives. It is important that you look into finding a computer repair shop in your area that is reasonable, fair and able to explain to you what is happening with your PC. Start by reaching out to family and friends. If they are of little help check the web. Don't be fooled by sites that are littered with technical jargon and tons of corporate testimonials. When looking for PC repair you need a middle ground. Someone who is professional, technical and that can relate to any computer user. Make sure you are happy with the service you have received and the explanations that have been given before any money has changed hands. This way you stay in control of the transaction and can make sure that the computer has been repaired and you understand what was done.

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